DSW Homes is committed to the communities we serve. In every area we build, we do more than build. From participating in local charity events to treating our homeowners with the respect they deserve, we believe in creating a lasting relationship with our clients and the community.

In each homebuilding project, we view the homeowner as a member of our family. We treat them with the respect and courtesy we give to our family members and we strive to meet their needs in every way we can. This fosters a relationship of trust. The homeowner can trust that DSW Homes will deliver quality craftsmanship on time and within our specified budget.

We also take pride in giving back to the communities that we live and work in and that includes everything from restoring historic sites to interacting with local schools and supporting educational programs.

500th Home Completed for Ike Disaster Recovery Program

"Friday, March 16, 2012 was a special day for Mr. and Mrs. Steven Fee of Texas City, TX. Steve Mataro of DSW Homes, along with City and County officials handed over the keys to their newly reconstructed home. With a house warming gift basket to welcome them back, Mataro emphasized the relationships that DSW Homes builds with their customers. "Our company gives gift baskets to all of our homeowners as a small thanks, at the end of every new home or rehab," Mataro said. "The wonderful people and relationships we build are as important as the homes themselves. Being the 500th home in this great program is testimony to so many hard working people. We are truly proud to be a small part of that."

Mataro gets a Thumbs Up

On April 21, 2013, Steve Mataro of DSW Homes was voted one of Galveston.s Community Champions by The Daily News. With a dedication to constructing quality homes in a timely manner, DSW Homes. Mataro has focused on getting families back in their homes. After Hurricane Ike devastated the area, the community was saturated with homebuilders who overpromised and under delivered. DSW Homes turned that story around. .We work on the granny philosophy,. Mataro said. .Every member of our team takes the approach that if the client was your grandmother, how would you like her to be treated and what help would you want her to receive?. With this as their philosophy and years of experience to back up their promises, DSW Homes has successfully reconstructed or rehabilitated over 1,000 homes in the Hurricane Rita and Ike recovery programs.