Immediate Response

DSW Homes is ready and willing to mobilize quickly to meet your immediate response disaster recovery needs. We have the ability to be on site within 48 hours following a man-made or natural disaster.

We have the ability to work around the clock to meet your immediate response needs. In past programs, our management staff and craft labor have worked 7 days a week, 14 hours each day and paired with our ability to mobilize quickly, we can meet and exceed your expectations.

DSW Homes Immediate Response Capabilities

We are capable of dispatching teams to perform initial damage assessment and project planning as well as provide debris removal services, including hazardous waste containment, collection and removal. We are also capable of performing emergency residential repairs including debris removal, demolition of structures, restoration of electrical and plumbing systems, and site restoration activities including asbestos remediation, mold remediation, roof repairs and more.

DSW Homes Immediate Response Capabilities

The speedy delivery of a safe, secure and sanitary home to the satisfaction of the homeowner is the goal. Positive interaction with the homeowner is key to achieving this goal. On numerous occasions, DSW personnel have gone beyond basic requirements to address and accommodate the needs... of the homeowner.
--Michael G. Giroux, Deputy Program Manager, Texas Homeowners Assistance Program

The work they have done for the program has been of the highest quality, speed, and home owner satisfaction. They continue to be assigned duties in the Disaster Recovery Program because of this outstanding commitment to all three.
--Gary Hagood, Deputy Commissioner, Texas General Land Office