Celebrating Veterans

Posted: November 12, 2014

One of DSW Homes’ projects was featured on the front page of The Galveston County Daily News! Steve Mataro, one of the owners of DSW Homes, was shown with homeowner Michael Hudgens as he walked through his newly reconstructed home. The home, which took DSW Homes only 17 days to build, is part of Galveston County’s Housing Assistance Program which funds rehabilitation and reconstruction projects for homeowners whose homes were damaged by Hurricane Ike. Many community leaders were present at this event as it introduced a new program now available to local veterans. Funding has been specifically allocated to help veterans in the community whose homes were damaged by Ike. Hudgens, a Vietnam Veteran, was pleased with his new home saying, “It was amazing to watch it go up.” To find out more about this project, view the video found on our Projects page!