The State of New Jersey will provide $1.1 billion in federal funds to help eligible homeowners repair or rebuild their homes. The RREM Program provides grant awards to homeowners to restore their storm-damaged homes, including reconstruction, rehabilitation, elevation and other mitigation activities.

The RREM Program provides eligible homeowners with grant awards up to $150,000 to “fill the gap” between the cost of repairs and other funds the owner has received to repair the structure. The assistance takes into consideration the cost of repairs and amounts the homeowner has received for home repairs from insurance, FEMA, SBA, and non-profit organizations.

The RREM Program provides the homeowner with a Housing Advisor and a RREM Project Manager. The Housing Advisor helps the homeowner with eligibility determination, application processing and execution of grant awards. The RREM Project Manager works with the homeowner to provide details and offer technical assistance for the completion of the homeowner’s scope of work to ensure it complies with RREM construction standards. The Project Manager also inspects the construction while it is in progress and approves payment requests as construction is completed.

See our RREM Program FAQ for more details.