Stacy DaybrookFor the last 12 months, DSW Homes has been participating in the Illinois Disaster Recovery Program (IDRP) in several communities in Cook County, Illinois. Over the course of our time in the program we rehabilitated 59 homes that were damaged by storms which caused flooding and other damage to residential properties. With this project coming to a close we are grateful for the opportunity we had to work with the residents in these communities. One of these residents was Stacy Daybrook. After numerous storms caused damage to her family home, and amidst personal tragedies as well, she lost hope of being able to return her home to its former glory. After her home was selected to be in the IDRP program she had renewed hope. She said in a letter, “We were most impressed with Mike Kennedy from DSW. He seemed the most knowledgeable, competent, well organized, and a genuinely nice person…and when we learned that Mike Kennedy did indeed win the bid, my brother and I were ecstatic. I began to see a spark and a glimmer of joy that we once had years ago.” Stacy Daybrook’s home was finished in November of 2013.