Historic Custom House for DSW Galveston

Our Galveston Office is pleased to announce that they will be located in a fantastic Historical Landmark, GHF Historic Customs House. “The opportunity to call such a beautiful historic treasure our New National Corporate Headquarters is a dream come true,” said Steve Mataro of DSW Homes.

Check out the full story: GHF Historic Customs House Sold to DSW Homes

Custom House History

The 154 year old structure has seen many historical events. The 1861 Custom House was the site of the ceremony officially ending the civil war in Galveston. The building survived the 1885 Galveston Fire. To learn more, visit the Galveston Historical Foundation or check it out on Wikipedia

DSW Homes Community Commitment

DSW Homes is honored and proud to be part of such a historic and amazing community as Galveston. For over five years DSW has specialized in the restoration of many Historic homes damaged by the storms, Each one is a labor of love that helps preserve the magic of the past. This historic landmark and DSW coming together is a statement of our commitment, respect and love for this community we call home.