Before and after photos

Galveston County Housing Assistance ProgramGalveston County Housing Assistance Program, Round 2 — October 2013-Present

Round 2 of the Galveston County Housing Assistance Program (GCHAC) is currently in progress, with construction activities that commenced in October 2013. Like Round 1, this program will include both the reconstruction and rehabilitation of homes damaged by winds or flood waters. Using our unique construction management systems, we anticipate reconstructing or rehabilitating approximately 118 units as part of this round. Along with the home pictured and others, DSW Homes is working hard to give Galveston County residents a wonderful place to call home.

I would like to let your company know how much I appreciate the hard work…put into getting my beautiful new home completed.

Leta Warner, Homeowner

Project Experience: A Closer Look

On October 7, 2013, DSW Homes began demolition on a home in Galveston County, TX. Due to Hurricane Ike, this home was unsafe. The foundation had shifted and was uneven, the siding was in disrepair and the home needed significant restoration. Due to the extent of the damage, this homeowner qualified for a reconstruction of her home. DSW Homes, working together with subcontractors, inspectors, and others, completed this home in just 16 days! The images show the construction progress before, day 6, day 10 and finished on day 16!

I am more than happy. I’m overjoyed. Thank you for building my home… DSW I believe in my heart you have a bright future coming your way.

Esterine Cora Erskin, Homeowner