Photo: Before and after photos of home in Hidalgo County, completed by DSW Homes in November 2013

Hurricane Dolly Disaster RecoveryHurricane Dolly Disaster Recovery Round 2.2 — January 2013-Present

This program is led by the Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council with grant money administered by the General Land Office of Texas. The purpose of the program is to help residents in Cameron, Hidalgo and Willacy counties rebuild after the devastating effects of Hurricane Dolly in 2008.

The hurricane season of 2008 affected all of the coastal regions of Texas. In the Lower Rio Grande Valley flood waters forced entire neighborhoods to evacuate. With so many homes damaged Texas is continuing to rebuild and restore it’s coastal communities. DSW Homes commenced preparation for this program in January of 2013. After months of planning and preparation, we were given our first construction assignment this summer. So far, we have completed 12 homes with a build out time of less than 31 days.