Photo: Homes located in Nassau Bay, Harris County, By Mike Fisher from Webster, TX, USA (Clear Lakeside Houses Uploaded by PDTillman) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Nassau Bay Elevation ProgramNassau Bay Elevation Program — February 2014-Present

As part of the FEMA Flood Mitigation Assistance Grant Program, DSW Homes is working with the City of Nassau Bay to elevate homes in flood-prone areas of the city. The FEMA Mitigation Assistance Grant Program provides funds to assist states and communities to institute measures that will lower or eliminate the risk of future flooding to buildings, including residential properties.

DSW Homes was admitted to this program in February 2014. We anticipate elevating 15 units as part of the program for a contract amount of around $6,000,000. With an established workforce in the greater Galveston County area, we are confident we can provide the needed assistance to the homeowners involved and look forward to serving the City of Nassau Bay.